Adult Piano

Adult Piano Lessons

Adult students – beginners and those picking back up from past study – are encouraged to register! Music-making has been proven to help keep the mind active as we mature, and many adults who want to pick up a hobby will find piano lessons extremely rewarding. Adult students can choose from any category of lessons offered – biweekly/monthly, virtual, or any of the standard lesson tiers.

Lesson Option: Virtual Lessons 

Given that for some students, the ability to travel to a teacher for piano study is difficulty, virtual video lessons are offered for the dedicated student who has moved into an intermediate level of playing. These lessons have been very successful for many students. Video capability and broadband are a requirement.

Lesson Option: Biweekly and Monthly Lessons 

Students who would like a more relaxed approach to lessons are able to take biweekly or monthly lessons. This gives students the flexibility to spread out their assignments and lessons over a longer period of time, taking the stress of weekly assignments away and providing a more casual environment of study.

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